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Nexia Bridge is the gateway to a connected home.

XL850 and XL824 include a built-in Nexia Bridge for an easier expansion into home automation.

From wireless cameras to smoke detectors, garage door controllers, locks and more, the Nexia™ home automation platform keeps your customers connected and in control of their home from wherever they are.

Stay connected with Nexia Diagnostics.

Homeowners who opt-in with Nexia™ Diagnostics allow you, the installing dealer, access to live, real-time data of the home's heating and air conditioning system, including Active Alerts, System Configuration, Zone Configuration, Runtime History, System History and more. Nexia™ Diagnostics can also send you email alerts if there is ever an issue with the customer's system.

  • Keeps you connected to your customer
  • Helps maintain high service levels and satisfaction
  • Reduces truck-rolls and time of service visits
  • Ensures service opportunities come back to you
  • Enhances your maintenance agreements

Let's Clear the Air: Trane CleanEffects

At Trane, we believe that a heating and cooling system should clean as well as condition the air. And Trane CleanEffects™ represents our commitment to be better than any other air filtration system on the market today. It is the industry benchmark verified by experts who make it their business to know about clean air.

  • Up to 100 times more effective than a standard 1 inch throwaway filter
  • Cleanable collection cells
  • Up to 99.98% efficient at removing airborne particles
  • Quiet operation
  • Communicating capability

The patented Intense Field Dielectric, or iFD, technology is partly the reason CleanEffects leads the industry in clean air. Unlike conventional EAC's from the 50's, iFD charges equally across the whole corona field.

Exclusive fluted collection cell design is unique to the industry, with approximately 700% more collection area than conventional electronic air cleaners; it's responsible for making MERV ratings obsolete.